Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A different look...

Wasn't she blessed because she knew Him like no other human on Earth ever would?  She was His mother.  She thought He would become King; He who was her precious child!

 How could He tell her what that would mean?  How could He tell His mother what that would entail?  How could He break her heart?  After finding Him in the temple at 12 and scolding Him, He wondered how she would feel when she could no longer see Him at all!

She was an average girl the year before His birth.  A Jewish girl betrothed to a carpenter, she had dreams like any other girl...dreams of a wedding and a marriage and a life filled with laughter and love and children to fill the home her betrothed was building for them.  She didn't know her children wouldn't live in that house, that indeed, they would spend many years in a different country fleeing from a dictator who would seek the death of her first child..  No, she was just a girl at the time...a girl thinking about that carpenter.

A carpenter,  an average man with a good life to look forward to.  He knew his trade well.  Didn't he already have many jobs under his belt?  And now a fiance, a beautiful girl, inside and out, would become part of his life and bring with her joy!  How could he know that in just a few short months, he would be leading a wife, soon to give birth, on a donkey, to a place so full of people, they would have to take refuge in a stable!

He had promised....promised a way back to Him.  They needed it..longed for it and finally it was here!
He knew they wouldn't understand for a while how it would happen or why it would come about in just that manner.  He knew, though, that He was willing to do it, if it meant that they would have a chance to walk and talk together like they used to in the garden!  This chance would change them all...if they accepted it...if they accepted Him and His sacrifice. He loved them so much!  He missed them!

It did change their lives!  It changed the girl's life.  It took one night, a visit from an angel and the realization that life would be wonderful, but it wouldn't look exactly how she pictured it, to change her from a girl to a woman.  What a great responsibility she now had...excited and afraid all at once.  Oh, what would that carpenter think?  Would he believe her?  Would he still want her?

It changed the carpenter's life.  Shocked to find out that the girl he had chosen to share his life with, might not be the person he thought she was, he was now uncertain about his whole life!  It would take a visit from an angel for him to decide to take on the responsibility of keeping safe the One who they all depended on.  He didn't know, though, just how much he would come to love this new responsibility of his and the girl's.  He didn't know that they would only have 33 years with Him...didn't know He would suffer so greatly for them all.

A long trip..
A new star..
A painful night..
A baby!


Will you accept it?  He was given freely out of love... 

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